Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Networking conversations – Secrets to doing it.

We have always emphasized on the importance ofnetworking. This is very important in getting the right job for you. You maythink that networking is a preserve of those already in the job market butthere are even a lot of avenues through which you can connect with corporateleaders even at the beginning of your career. Today, we will focus on the wayto start a networking conversation in order to avoid embarrassment and negativeresponses.

In order to get the right job, you do not haveany other option but to network. Whether you already are in job or startingyour career. This is the fastest way to get a good job and here the emphasis ison the word good job.  In most conversations, many people end up telling,rather than asking or selling, rather than connecting. Be the smart guy andalways leave an impression on someone you talk to. Imagine you are in symposiain college and an HR guy from a certain company is presenting, how will youtalk to him/ her thereafter or if you were in a cocktail, what happens when youstart a conversation.


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