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Diamond Trust Bank Accepting CV’s (Trainees and Internship)

Our Entry-LevelPrograms are structured to ensure that you will quickly assume responsibilityfor concrete tasks and important projects. Rotational assignments acrossdifferent business units provide a comprehensive and valuable experience in arelatively short amount of time. Our Entry-Level Programs are defined below.

GraduateManagement Trainees

Our GraduateManagement Trainee (GMT) program looks for highly motivated individuals whoexhibit the potential to excel as future leaders. The program is geared towardsproviding challenging work assignments complemented by a learning component forselect graduates from reputable universities.
At DTB, the GMT program offers extensiveinteractive personalized training, on the job rotations and personal mentoring fromsenior management to provide a comprehensive learning experience. The objectiveof the program is to realize potential and translate the experience into asuccessful banking career. The GMT program is a training and rotational programfocused on dealing with branch banking requirements. It provides accelerateddevelopment opportunities across our branch network of Retail, Corporate &Commercial banking.

During this program,candidates are assigned challenging business scenarios to enhance theircritical thinking faculties as they develop analytical skills. Another crucialelement of the program ensures that managerial skills are honed and developed.This provides trainees with the expertise required to handle supervisory andadministrative tasks that will result in the development of successful businessmanagers.


Our InternshipProgram offers promising students with the exciting opportunity to apply theirclassroom learning experience to real life corporate assignments. Through theprogram, internees can support their career goals by using the internship as alaunching pad for creating contacts with professionals in the field andidentifying their own competencies to build a successful career with us.

Our Recruitment

Diamond Trust Bankis an equal opportunity employer and our policy is to seek and employindividuals who are qualified by job related standards of education,vocational, training and experience. All appointments will be made on the basisof ability best demonstrated by recognized qualification, training, experienceand recruits must be people who can be trained to work in a manner that willcontribute to the effectiveness and objectives of the Bank.

Our Benefits

DTB policy is equalpay for equal work. Therefore in fixing staff emoluments, the Bank will takecognizance of the relative market factors. We will pay competitive rates forthe job which will enhance DTB’s capacity to attract, retain and to rewardcompetent staff while recognizing the relative added value of staff to the organization.
At DTB growth is nota function of time but rather of performance. As your performance improves, therole that you play within the organization will accelerate to reflect yourinput.
DTB’s performancemanagement and reward systems ensure that goals are met in an effective andefficient manner. We define a clear path for you to contribute to theorganization’s overall goals, peppered with regular reviews and feedback tohelp you gauge your progress.
Our compensation andbenefits strategy combines the need to maintain a high performance culturealong with market competitiveness. Annual benchmarking exercises are conductedto stay abreast with industry standards.
If prospective staff want to apply,please forward your CV to

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